In final

Acrylic paint is connecting imagination and creation.

Infinite colours allow with pigments and free self-expression allowed by medium. Mixing, melting, creating volume, blurring etc… are authorized by those materials and the fervor of our professional craftsman.

7) Packaging

A beautiful colour set, as the one used at primary school, junior high school in Japan.Set-Turner Colour Works Ltd

6) Filling the tubes

5) Checking the colour

Check of the colours and of the paint for coloration, saturation, hue, viscosity etc.. After a such machine’s check, a craftsman’s eye review it again. If the colour is not as requested, pigments are added and the procedure is repeated until obtaining the colour.colour examination-Turner Colour Works Ltd technical departmentcolour examination-Turner Colour Works Ltd technical department

4) Removing air bubbles

The well mixed paint is put in a vacuum machine to remove the “bubbles”(air). It’s a such a cool name so let’s say it again “bubbles remover vacuum machine”.bubbles remover vacuum machine


Once crushed, colours are mixed again. The substance must be homogeneous. See attached a picture of a mixing machine for 50~60L of paint.Turner Colour Works Ltd Factory_mixing

2) Crushing

Turner Colour Works Ltd Factory_crushingThe mixed substance is tansfered to another machine to be crushed and unified. Depending on the colours, the colours is requested level.

Because the same machine is used for a lot of colours, a perfect washing is requested.

Fine art recipe

Creating paint   Turner Colour Works Ltd Factory

Every fine art student knows acrylic paint. It is like we say; Mom’s taste. For beginner it is what we can call a new world.

1)  Mixing materials

3 materials are used to make the paints : water, pigment and a medium(which is sticky).

If the proportions are not strictly respected, it doesn’t become a paint. Because of subtle “variations”in colours’ tone, the combination ration depend also on craftmans’ hand.

Happy New Year!

I would like to thanks everybody for following our blog and wish a Happy New Year!

I wish the best for the “horse’s” year coming, full of colours of course!

Turner Colour Works Ltd New Year's card

Turner Colour Works Ltd New Year’s card

PARTNER, a Free Fine Art Magazine

Hello everybody,

If by any case you have been in Japan in September this year, you may have watch the cover below.

How to make paint

How to make paint

If not, please see below a part that may interest you about how to make paint.
The pictures are from Turner’s factory and there are more explanations about the most famous Turner Acryl Gouache!
Please see below a picture of the article and the translation will come soon!

About Turner's Acryl Gouache

About Turner’s Acryl Gouache