In final

Acrylic paint is connecting imagination and creation.

Infinite colours allow with pigments and free self-expression allowed by medium. Mixing, melting, creating volume, blurring etc… are authorized by those materials and the fervor of our professional craftsman.

7) Packaging

A beautiful colour set, as the one used at primary school, junior high school in Japan.Set-Turner Colour Works Ltd

6) Filling the tubes

5) Checking the colour

Check of the colours and of the paint for coloration, saturation, hue, viscosity etc.. After a such machine’s check, a craftsman’s eye review it again. If the colour is not as requested, pigments are added and the procedure is repeated until obtaining the colour.colour examination-Turner Colour Works Ltd technical departmentcolour examination-Turner Colour Works Ltd technical department

4) Removing air bubbles

The well mixed paint is put in a vacuum machine to remove the “bubbles”(air). It’s a such a cool name so let’s say it again “bubbles remover vacuum machine”.bubbles remover vacuum machine


Once crushed, colours are mixed again. The substance must be homogeneous. See attached a picture of a mixing machine for 50~60L of paint.Turner Colour Works Ltd Factory_mixing

2) Crushing

Turner Colour Works Ltd Factory_crushingThe mixed substance is tansfered to another machine to be crushed and unified. Depending on the colours, the colours is requested level.

Because the same machine is used for a lot of colours, a perfect washing is requested.