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Turner Colour Works LtdStirring

the Emotions,


the Times.

Established: 13th November 1946
Capital fund: 50 million Yen
Representative: Hiroshi Jihira, director & president
Turnover: 2.3 billion Yen
Number of employees: 100
Address: Osaka: Mitsuya-kita 2-15-7, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City 532-0032 Tel: +81(0)6-6308-1212 (switchboard) Fax: +81(0)6-6305-3018 E-MAIL:o_eigyou@turner.co.jp
Tokyo: Minami Nagasaki 6-1-3, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0052 Tel: 03-3953-5161 Fax: 03-3953-5153



  1. Phaan Howng says:


    I am a HUGE fan of your Acryl Gouache. All my paintings are done with it. I have tried other brands, but hate them!
    I am interested in your NEO Colors. Is there anyway you can send me samples? I am currently in graduate school at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland) and can’t really afford to buy direct. It will be GREATLY appreciated!

    Best Regards,

  2. Christine Kaiser says:

    Help! Jerrys is discontinuing Neo Colors. Do you have a new distributer in the USA? or Canada. I need these paints. Thanks

    • Dear Christine,

      Thank you for your mail. Actually I’m not sure where you get this information.
      As you can see on Jerry’s Artarama’s homepage, they are still selling them.

      Let me know if you need further information,



  3. Christine Kaiser says:

    Hi Claude Im confused I tried to purchase 2 cans of one color and was told there was only one in stock and it was marked clearance and stated on checkout “when they are gone they are gone no returns”. That indicates to me that they will not be restocking them when the stock they have is gone. Could you please clear this up . I will also contact them directly.

  4. Christine kaiser says:

    Hi Claude I’m not sure if you got my email with the information that Jerrys Artarama has the Neo Colors on clearance and will not be carrying them after the stock is gone. They are sold out of what I’m looking for ( white cans) Is there somewhere in the USA or Canada I can get the paint? Are you going to have another distributor in the USA?

  5. Jennifer says:

    Hi Claude, I am in search of Turner Acryl Gouache Soft 500 ml bottle in Violet. I am willing to buy in bulk if necessary. Can you sell this directly to my studio or direct me to another retailer in the USA that carries this color (Jerry’s no longer does)?
    Thank you,
    Aaron Curry Studio

  6. Benjamin says:

    Hi, is there a distributor of Turner paints in Europe?
    I have been looking extensively for the Turner Design Gouache in Europe but with no results so far.
    I’m looking for a reseller in Western Europe, can you help?
    Thanks in advance
    Best regards

  7. mchow says:

    Hi there, would love to try your acryl gouache, do you have a distributor/ reseller in Hong Kong? Thanks!

  8. DeAnn says:

    I just bought a couple jars of Turner Neo Colors mainly for fine art painting and I was wondering if I could use some kind of varnish to protect the final work?

  9. Paul Kremer says:

    Hi, I too am a huge fan of your NEO color paints. For whatever reason, Jerry’s Artorama has discontinued Vermillion in 600mm cans. I would buy it by the bucket-full if I could. Please help!

  10. Deborah says:

    I am looking for a chart of Turner Artists watercolors that includes pigment information BTW I love your watercolors!!

  11. I am trying to buy a few tubes of Turner Design Gouache White 25ml PW6 Titanium Oxide (not the Acryl Gouache unless it is the same) for postage to the UK. I would be pleased if you could let me know if this is possible. Kind regards, John Starling

  12. Eugenia Loli says:

    Hello, I just ordered a set of your gouache, thank you! I have one question though: I would like to know which one of your whites is the “titanium white” (you offer 4-5 different whites). In the English page of jerrysartarama.com that carry your paints in the US, it does not distinguish between Titanium white and other types of whites. Could you tell me which item# in the jerrysartarama.com web page is actually the titanium white? Thx!

    • Dear Eugenia,

      Thank you for your mail and your order. Actually we use only not toxic pigment that’s why our colours don’t have the name you can get used to, and I can recommend the colour number 0, (mixing white) for mixing purpose( to lighten colours) and the normal to make a very opaque base. All depend on the way you want to use it.

      Hope it answer to your question.

  13. Carole Koerner says:

    I am trying to buy some of your new watercolour tubes. I live in Australia and they don’t seem to be here yet. Cannot buy from USA as their postage costs are criminal, way too expensive. Don’t want a set would like to pick out a few colours to try. Am a watercolour artist in Melbourne and have read some good reviews about them. Can you please advise. Carole Koerner

    • Dear Carole,
      I have two propositions,
      Try to buy from a Japan store. I think the costs will be cheaper or maybe you can introduce us some shops and/or chain stores that may be interested in our products?
      Let me mail you for further information that could be personnal and that you may don’t want to be on a website.

  14. Judith McWillie says:

    I use your soft body 500 ml bottles. I have not been able to find Ultramarine blue anywhere – Jerry’s Artarama and Jackson do not have it. Can you recommend a place I can order it from? Thanks.

  15. jmarie says:

    Is it possible to buy soft body acrylic gouache from you directly?

  16. Joyce Rebecca Nichols says:

    Hi there, do you have a downloadable colour chart. Here in Toronto there is only one place carrying your paints at the moment and it means a drive across town. I would like a colour chart with pigment numbers so I can find what compares to other charts for my pallette since every paint company seems to give the same paint colour a different name and I am tired of ending up with 3 blues the same colour all called something different. The charts on your website don’t have the pigment numbers or at least not the usual pigment numbers that everyone else seems to go by. Thanks. Joyce

  17. Stephanie says:


    I am a huge fan of the Turner Design Gouache
    I used to buy it at Curry’s, in Toronto, but it seems they don’t have it anymore
    Do you have another retailer here in Canada?

    thank you


  18. chinmay says:

    i live in uk. i got those colour in japanese JHS. i liked the set and i want to buy them. is there anyway i can buy them?

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