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Happy New Year!

I would like to thanks everybody for following our blog and wish a Happy New Year!

I wish the best for the “horse’s” year coming, full of colours of course!

Turner Colour Works Ltd New Year's card

Turner Colour Works Ltd New Year’s card


MOOV,press 04 january 2013

Moov press is published by MOBIO(http://m-osaka.com/en/index.html), an organization based in Osaka for Japanese maker.

The published article is only about TURNER’s Acryl Gouache.

Below a short translation.

Since 1982, with its 48 colors, Turner has been selling AG(Acryl Gouache)

Nowadays AG is still beloved for its high quality, but also because of new ideas like the tubes, which were in lead are now in laminate, or even the lid designed to be a palette for the colors.

Section manager Sugiyama “In Japan, the same paint is used by primary school students, junior high school or even pro artist. This is a curious thing that proving the high quality of the paint; and also base for new challenge”.

TurnerAG TurnerAG2


A short message to thanks all the readers, and to wish a happy and prosperous new year 2013!

Kyoto University of Art and Design

This event was organized for the “Kyoto Xmas illuminations event” and was held from the 3rd to the 25th in the Kyoto University of Art and Design.

It was for the creation of a common project made by 15 students.

Each of the 15 students of this common project submitted an idea in accordance with the theme of Xmas, which is a period of happiness, joy and festivities.

The main theme, “circus” was chosen among those 15 projects because of the concordance with the main theme. It was suggested by Yayama Noriko.

The animal’s figures were made in expanded polystyrene and the tent in carton. It was painted with Turner Neo Colour.

Below, sketches of the projects, and pictures of the project.

 DSC_0094 DSC_0125 DSC_0143JPEG画像クロードさん画像① クロードさん画像② クロードさん画像③

Professor in charge Sekimoto Tetsuo

Student Assistant in charge Okazaki Mika

Students of the project Takemoto Yuki, Imai Mamiko, Nakahira Misako, Nakamura Hiroki, Hayano Rintaro, Kobayashi Yuta, Yamada Aki, Watanabe Ami, Yayama Noriko, Kohama Daisuke, Yoshizumi Ai, Ohashi Jun, Paola Agostini, Chou Enjyo


Public Announcement

Turner Colour Works Ltd received this year, among 70 companies based in Osaka, the prestigious YUME MIRAI Price (dream and future,夢未来賞, see below).


From a point of view of researching and developing new products, Turner was choosen as a maker who has a challenging spirit (dream) and ambition for the next generation (future).


Skillfully engaged, with tradition and history, in an atmosphere of technical debate and discussion, to be transmitted to the future generation between sales representatives and developing department, veteran & young have been honored with the price.

What is Osaka Monodzukuri Spirits?

In Osaka prefecture the price is discerned and honor a company, in small and medium-sized business, who excelled in “high level of techniques”, “high quality of products”,”low price”, and “short delivery time”.
This event will be organized for the fifth time this year.

Welcome everybody!

Hello everybody!

Welcome to Turner Colour Works Ltd official blog!

Please check up regurlary the news and updates about our products.