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Neo Colour Artist

A single owned and managed shop situated in Namba, one of the most animated district in Osaka.

Tanaka Yoshihito is making art shop plates and illustrations with Turner Colour Works Ltd NEO COLOUR since 40 years.

Please see below photos of the shop and creations he had made for shops all over the world.

For more information, his website.



Tanaka Yoshihito at work.


Some of his productions.


Works in progress.


His tools, and Turner Colour Works Ltd NEO COLOUR!


Neo Colour: the Video !

Please enjoy the video below.

Neo Colour Pearl


Iridescent acrylic colors. Dilute with water. Dry in 5-15 minutes. Water resistant after drying. Consist of 6 colors of 100 cc in laminate tubes.



*  No discoloring or fading

*  Can paint on cloth, wood, plastic, film, glass, styrene foam, and concrete as well as paper and synthetic paper, except polyethylene & polypropylene.

*  Adhere better than other colors among NEO COLOUR.

*  Metallic powder colors are apt to corrode and to generate gas. However, PEARL colors won’t corrode, and safe.

How to use better

*  Avoid mixing with others colors.

*  Wash brushes before drying. Any dry adhesion to them may be removed by keeping them in water overnight and soaping up.

*  Try to paint before use.

Neo Colour Water Bright


Fluorescent colors and excellent in brilliance. Fluorescence lighted with black light is brighter than that of the neon signs. Certainly paint on the white surface. Consist of 9 colors of 100 cc in jar and 600 cc in can.

Properties Water bases fluorescent colors. Dry in 10 minutes. Available to signboard for short period, ornament, process printing, poster, etc…

About Neo Colour

See below informations about NEO COLOUR, one of the paints used in the project of Kyoto University of Art and Design.NC600ホワイト

Aqueous emulsion colors that endure rain for several months. Dry in 15-20 minutes. Finish is matte and opaque. Consist of 30 colors, 100 cc and 250 cc in jar, 600 cc, 3L and 15L  in can.

Coloring of
Painting, display, in or exterior poster, stage decoration, toy, painting of glass, festival decoration, film, woodcraft, unglazed pottery, paper, clay, styrene foam & polystyrol, ad at store, in or exterior decoration, short term signboard and so on.

How to use better
 Stir colors to make even. Try to paint before use.
 Dilute with water of about half volume of the colors.
 Can paint on cloth, wood, plastic, film and glass as well as paper, synthetic paper and processed paper.
 Wash away fat or stain on the surface with soap before painting.
 Clean brushes and implements in water before their drying. Any dry adhesion to them may be removed by keeping them in water overnight and soaping up.
 Don’t freeze colors because they won’t be restored once frozen.
 No paint film is formed when temperature is below 5 C.
 #31 BLACK reacts with metal and generates gas. Don’t put it in a metal container directly and don’t make airtight.
 Cap tightly after use.
 Can mix each color among NEO COLOUR.

Warning :31- BLACK have been registered conforms to ASTM D 4236 by ACMI for now.

Color Chart


Turner Neo Colour Chart